The main character of the folktale, the son, makes the mistakes of not listening to his mother. The son has a good personality because he accepts the fact that he was sent by his mother to go live with his grandfather the priest. He also listens to his grandfathers directions to do chores for him. However, the sons bad perseption of taking care of things ends up goeing in the wrong direction. The son does what he is told, but he keeps getting into trouble because he does not do his tasks with a kind heart. In the end of the story, the priest sends his godson to hell, for he has comitted murder to a sexton, a person who works in the church. The priest tells his godson to give the devil a letter in hopes that he would not come back from the journey. In conclusion, the ending does not go back to good. The characters traits show how they want to help eachother out. After a matter of time, each character gives up on something or someone. The moral of the story is to never disbelive or let go of goals or of hopes to make a person or situation better than in the present time.