In The Hill of Chua Kapoj, the father of the story makes the mistake of getting drunk at his daughters performance of the lebal, which is defined as a cultural dance in the Tzutuhil language. The main character has a bad personality because he runs away from his problems and lets the people who he loves suffer the consiquenses. The wife and daughter end up in jail because he did not have enough reales (money) to rent a traje (suit) for the dance costumbre (ritual). The King and Lord of the hills helps out the poor father by giving him money to rent a suit for his daughter to wear at the fiesta, but under the condition that the father does not tell anyone who has helped him. The folktale goes from bad to good, and back to bad in the end. Like most families, trust and honesty is the main key to maintain a healthy life and relationships. To keep life as simple as possible, rules must be followed to keep a steady life.