The rabbit and the crab "universal wisdom"

Being deceitful to others will eventually come back to haunt you. The rabbit gets in trouble because he tricks the crab his friend many times. The rabbit works as hard as the crab then tries to cheat him out of the carrots by first offering him the bigger pile of carrot tops. They decide to race each other for both piles and the rabbit offers the crab a head starts knowing the crab will refuse it and offer it to the rabbit. Twice there the rabbit deceives his friend the crab and in doing so the crab realizes that and grabs a hold of the rabbit’s tale so when the rabbit starts running the crab gets a free ride to the finish line to beat him to the piles of carrots. They are both good characters and put an equal amount of work into growing and harvesting the carrots. The climax of the folktale occurs when the rabbit takes the head start. The rabbit tricks the crab twice then gets trick back by the crab. When tricking someone that’s clearly as smart as you, you get tricked back.