In the plot “The Jaguar and the Little Skunk” Little skunk goes out hunting by himself but he doesn’t have the right abilities or experiences to do so. In that case he faces the consequences. This shows that in the Mayan culture they should never go hunting on their own due to them not having the right abilities during that time. In the plot the animals must hunt to get their food for their family just like the Mayan culture. The people of the Mayan culture should be strong, smart, and cunning to be able to obtain food from hunting without failing. The animals in the story also help each other out like when the jaguar helped teach the little skunk learn how to hunt so that little skunks family would have food to eat. The people of the Mayan culture helped each other out they also hunted together so that it would be easier, faster, and more safe to kill the animal and obtain the food. Therefore, one should never go out by their self to do a difficult task that one doesn’t have the right ability or experience because the actions may end up hurting loved ones around them.